Continuing with Botox

I’ve had at least two if not three treatments during my blogging absence.

Friday 17th August was my most recent appointment, it was straight after my GP visit and although I don’t like needles, there is something quite pleasing about going to get this done.  You know that despite the pain, very soon that constant headache/migrainous nagging pain will diminish and life will become tolerable at least neurologically.

I’ve a lot to thank Dr W for had it not been for him I would never have been diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia and ultimately Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  He was the only specialist who noticed the despite being on beta-blockers my heart rate was unusually fast.  He conducted what I now know to be a poor mans Tilt Table Test in his office at the Chiltern Hospital, and decided I would need a proper TTT for a full diagnosis.  That was in 2013!

During the procedure, Dr W always chats to me to keep my mind off all those needles and what I admired about him today is that he is attending a seminar about PoTs to learn as much as possible about this sodding illness, he also said he would feed back any info he could to me.  Two of my consultants are going to be speaking on the day Dr Gall, my cardiologist and Professor Aziz, my Gastroenterologist.  It sounds like a fascinating day in which they will not only discuss the illness based on findings in the UK but also findings around Europe, that  interests me, are they any further advanced in their care for potsies than we are in the UK?  

After wincing and yelps my injections were over, chattering about his seminar really had worked it’s magic.  A few needles sites were more painful than usual, indicative that the Botox really had worn off but hey it’s in now, he let me sit and rest for a few moments as I felt really woozy and sick, he could just tell.  I like that he never rushes me out the door, despite knowing there were people outside waiting.  A couple of minutes and I’m sure the colour was back in my cheeks.

We said our goodbyes and I would see him in four months for more Botox.  That’s one appointment I don’t mind attending even if it does involve lots of needles 

S xx

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