Pharmacy Follow Up

This week I popped into my pharmacy to collect my monthly Nomad packs, I still need my medications dispensed for me as my brain fog is so severe there is a risk I would overdose my meds.


My pharmacist is probably one of the most supportive I have ever met, I arrived and explained that next week I would be running out of my Fentanyl patches and would she mind organising more for me, without issue and a few clicks they were ordered.

Next I asked her about the new stomach protection medication tablets that needed to be changed over, basically the Lansoprazole might be causing bigger kidney issues, so the nephrologist had suggested a switch over, but I forgot the name of the drug.  She grabbed the Mimms medicine book and took me to the consultation room.  We sat and went through all the medicines and she told me all that type of drug caused renal issues so she wasn’t sure want that consultant was talking about.  Her advice was to call his secretary and find our from my notes what the name was and to get it switched over as a matter of urgency, especially as my levels had changed so rapidly in four weeks.

We then decided to do a quick annual review and she was concerned that so many consultants were trying to interfere with my medication, if a cardiologist had advised one medicine then a gastro doctor couldn’t then mess the prescription around, etc etc  She was worried that I was getting lots of mixed messages from various consultants, I told her how difficult it was being stuck in the middle, especially when you have two or more hospital or doctors appointments a week.

She was very kind and told me I was doing my best under the circumstances, which were not easy but she would support me as well as she could, we signed off the review paperwork and I thanked her and her team for all their help.

They have always helped me, ensure my medication is there, at short notice, when prescriptions are written incorrectly and just been very supportive, just what you need when you are chronically ill.  Thank you Krupa at Boots in Burnham !

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