Fentanyl and it’s dangers !!

Many years ago I went to the doctors pleading in pain, the co-codamol I was using wasn’t working, naproxen wasn’t helping I needed something stronger. So that was the first time fentanyl was mentioned, due to Gastrointestinal issues, it was offered in a patch form and I felt this may be the answer to all my prayers, what I didn’t know that fateful day was that was the beginning of a spiral into an addiction of prescription medication

Facts of Fentanyl :

Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid that is effective at relieving moderate to severe chronic pain

Fentanyl is roughly 100 times more potent than morphine

Fentanyl depresses the respiratory centres and the cough reflex, it also constricts the pupils, it works within minutes of application

When I first visited my GP I was placed on what were the lowest dose patches (25mcg), however your brain soon builds up immunity to that and back to the doctors I went complaining it really wasn’t working, so we were titrating up and up and up, until I had a consultant, who I had paid to see, who agreed I could use 200mcg per hr every three day patch, this should pretty much knock me out. Mind you I never went above 100 I hasten to add, I was bothered by some side effects, so I used to titrate up and down between 50-100mcg depending on the seasons and how much pain I was in. However I was still in pain!

So ten days ago after a visit to A&E about my damaged shoulder, I ripped my patch off and said that’s it, I’m done!!

It’s been a shitty two weeks so far, I’ve been sleepless, hot/cold sweats, can’t eat, confined to bed, upset tum, headaches, depressed to the point of asking my hubby to smother me, chest pain, along with the chronic pain of EDS and all my usual health issues.

But today I am dressed and going to try enjoy the sunshine, it’s day 11 I am hoping I am over the worse, who knows, the whole web says don’t go “cold turkey” but I couldn’t do it any other way. I’m stuck at home with hubby, very little medical support at this time due to Covid, best just get on with it and be brave

Keep everything crossed for me, now to find a way to manage chronic pain without opioids 😳

Sarah x