EDS Awareness Month (Day One) – This Is Me ❤️

Hi my name is Sarah, I am a 50 something! 😉. Married to Andy for 29 years later this year and Mum to three very grown up children. In March I became Nanna to two wonderful grandchildren.

My EDS Challenge

My EDS story started with a headache, after two years of multiple tests and hospital appointments, I saw my neurologist who suspected I had PoTs, was sent for a TTT and yes I was struggling with the condition. At the time of the test I was asked about “hyper mobility” having never considered my flexibility an issue, it now appeared there was a condition I had never heard of and I may have it

In 2014 I was formally diagnosed and that is where my Ehlers Danlos journey began, I’ve seen numerous consultants, had multiple test and feel I have a good understanding of my health

Most of all it’s about me managing my condition as best as possible, not allowing it to manage me !

This month is all about #myEDSChallenge and raising awareness for these invisible and very chronic illnesses


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