EDS Awareness Month (day five) – School/Teachers

Being diagnosed at 45 meant that all my years in education I was not acknowledged for having this condition. However I could tick all the boxes. My teachers would think I was just trying to avoid class and behaving like a hypochondriac. It was a standing joke that I was always the “ill one” not something I look back on with pleasure, that is when the bullying started.

I had needed braces fitting due to dental problems, teachers and the school could not see the signs of what was going on during classes and at break time BUT girls were mean, especially in my “informative years”

I reached out to my school and explained how hard I was finding things, bearing in mind I was in pain, hypermobile, sublaxing joints, without knowing why? It was felt I was too sensitive and needed to “pull myself together”

I hated not understanding what was wrong and why no one could help. Needless to say I wasn’t a fan of school or the teachers, however this was the early 80’s, I would like to think that 40 years later the education system is much more supportive.

So we really need to bring awareness of EDS to all walks of life, including our educators, as they are more often than not the first point of contact for a vulnerable EDSer.

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