EDS Awareness Month (day six) Management Strategies

So you have been knocked sideways with pain, now what? How to manage that 10/10 pain that you are struggling with!

Since I came off my opioids I have learnt various techniques, some have been taught by my occupational therapists, some self taught. Therapists taught me various methods of mindfulness, I often felt this was less than helpful but I have now become seriously invested in using this tool to take my mind away from the pain and where it is.

Secondly I use heat, a hot water bottle applied to the point of the pain can be really helpful. It seems to release the muscles and tension, thereby helping reduce pain levels.

Finally distraction, doing something, anything apart from concentrating on the pain I am in. I have watched box sets, read a book or just surfed the internet. It honestly works.

Previously I was on high doses on medication and it was not helpful at all, it was just numbing me as a person, so try alternative options and see if they help.

Good luck 🍀

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