Disclosure Policy


I am happy to review products if I think it is something you, my reader, would like to hear about. They will be written by me when a brand or PR company has sent a product for me or a member of my family in exchange for a review. The review will be honest, even if there is an aspect of the product I don’t like. I will include appropriate links to the brand’s own website or an online retailer, alongside a full review of the product with a photographs that either I have taken, or that have been supplied. It will be clear in the text that I have received the product for free in exchange for the review. I often review things I have bought and loved so you will know when I have paid for something too.


Advertorials/Featured Posts:

From time to time I may be asked, and paid, to host content that has been written and provided by a brand or PR company. I reserve the right to change the wording slightly if I see fit but essentially this is not something I have written, but that I am publishing in exchange for a cash payment. It may say it is in “collaboration with” or “in partnership with” or indeed “this is an advertorial” but it will be clear to you, the reader, that this is an advertorial, not written by me and paid for.


Sponsored posts:

These are posts that I have been paid to write and publish on my blog. I will only do this on content I believe “sits well” with this blog and that means I will turn offers down too. This is not a review, I have not been sent a product. But it may talk about a product, or a company or services, often with a link to their website. Again this post may say “in collaboration”, ”sponsored” or “in partnership with”. For this post I will have been paid money or given vouchers in exchange for the post and have not been given a product.

Guest posts:

These are written by friends, often on a topic important to them, and have either been written because I asked them to guest post on my blog, or because they asked me if they could. Done because I love and support the blogger and am happy to promote whatever it is they are talking about. No money has changed hands, just love.


Ambassador Roles

As an ambassador I am compensated for being part of a campaign. That is a set fee for a minimum number of blog posts. It is not a “per post” fee as I may exceed that minimum. It also includes promotion on social media, again this is not on a per Tweet or Facebook update basis. But as a whole for the role. I take these roles very seriously and, therefore, will make sure I fulfill the role to my full potential. Meaning that there may be more Tweets and updates than the client is expecting.


If you work for a brand or PR company and think we might be able to work together, please do get in touch.

Thanks to @mummybarrow for allowing me to borrow her disclosure policy

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