EDS Awareness Month (day seven) – comfort

The pain is too much so how do I find comfort and support my joints? Initially when I visited my physiotherapy team I was fitted with various braces, these are great for helping reduce the range of loose movements within my shoulders, wrists, ankles and knees.

Heat pads and hot water bottles are good when I find the pain is just too much and I need to snuggle up, it gives me a good comfort level and seems to reduce my anxiety levels too.

A nice warm bath BUT I have to be really careful with this one as it can more often than not cause me to have a postural tachycardia attack. So I have to ensure I am supervised.

There is one item on my wish list for comfort and that is a weighted blanket, I have heard a lot of positive things about these, they aren’t cheap but they are meant to help with sleep and pain levels. One day I will be able to afford one🤞🏻

What items do you use for comfort?

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